Röckenwagner Bakery

A German bakery in Mar Vista.

Nothing about Röckenwagner Bakery particularly screams German.  Then again, I don’t know much about German-fare either… sausage, beer, sauerkraut, and… pretzels?  They have an assortment of pretzels but aside from that, it’s mostly stuff you’d find in other bakeries: scones, pastries, croissants, etc.

But more than pretzels, I came here for…

Berliner Fridays!

Nice little donut filled with raspberry jam.  I love me some donuts.

Ich bin ein Berliner.
– John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Röckenwagner Bakery
12835 Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90066
Phone: 310.578.8171

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Stan’s Donuts

Considering how close I live, there aren’t that many reasons for me to step foot in that awful little town called Westwood Village but Stan’s Donuts is one reason. A friend of mine scared me once by telling me Stan’s was no longer occupying its little corner. I panicked. I was in denial. I couldn’t believe it. I heard that Fritelli’s in Beverly Hills closed down. Could it be true that doughnut shops were closing elsewhere? No. Fortunately, Stan’s Donuts did not close down. But the eatery that occupied the same suite as Stan’s Doughnuts closed down.

I have a thang for doughnuts, raised doughnuts to be more exact. Though I don’t find myself devouring doughnuts all too often, I still do enjoy them. I can pass on Krispy Kreme. And I wish there were more Dunkin’ Donuts around here in Los Angeles. Let me correct that, I wish there actually was one in Los Angeles. I remember we used to have some a long time ago, and then they disappeared, and then I got sad, and Krispy Kreme started popping up here and there, but I was still sad because I didn’t like Krispy Kreme. Well, at least we got a handful of good doughnut places, like Stan’s Donuts.

Stan’s makes a good raised doughnut. It’s simple and it’s good. I like to keep things simple but they have a great variety of doughnuts. Like a glazed doughnut filled with peanut butter and bananas. Or like a peanut butter and jelly doughnut. Or other peanut butter-filled creations. Or various cheese doughnuts. Or like jelly doughnuts filled with jellies other than rasberry and lemon. And like I said, they have your typical doughnuts made well.

I got me a glazed twisted doughnut and it kept me happy. With that said, no matter how much I praise doughnuts from this establishment, we have to keep in mind that a doughnut is still a doughnut. A good doughnut at that. But I wouldn’t recommend you driving across town to get a doughnut. Just taking into consideration the level of satisfaction you may or may not receive from this doughnut and the amount of effort you put in to experience this dollar treat (depending on what you get), it just may not be worth it. I did that once. I went to Rockenwagner Bakery in Mar Vista to try their Berliner. They offer it only on Fridays and they put a limit on how many you can buy. It was a good jelly-filled doughnut, but was it worth the trip all the way to Mar Vista? Probably not.

If you’re around on the other hand, go right on in.

Stan’s Donuts
10948 Weyburn Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Phone: 310.208.8660

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