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Hellooo Culver City. I’ve been to Culver City many a time. But never to eat there. When I played lacrosse in high school, I suppose you could have called Culver City High School a rival of ours so we played there often. This was when there were only four lacrosse teams in the Los Angeles area. And then it gained more popularity and we had twice as many teams join our league a few years later. I also went to Loyola Marymount University my freshman year so I had to pass through Culver City pretty much everyday. Whoa, if I never transferred to USC, this blog could have been called The Hungry Lion. Hey, that kind of works out too!

Well, today was supposed to be our elementary school reunion. This moment made possible by Facebook. Tender Greens was the site of our reunion. The thing with these reunions, well, they always turn out to be small. It’s usually the same three or four people that come out. I just keep that in mind every time we organize some sort of get-together.

So it was three today: C, D, and myself. While waiting for D, the two of us were killing time by doing pretty much nothing. I wonder why I couldn’t think of this before but we ended up at a wine bar, Bottle Rock. I don’t really drink alcohol, maybe on some occasions, but why not give this wine bar a chance. I had a bottle of beer though. Not being much of an alcohol person, I can’t really enjoy what I drink. Beer is alright, and I thought this is one of the better beers I’ve had, but keep in mind I don’t drink much beer. I’m going to come here again instead of staying here for only 15 minutes. The ambiance was nice. So I guess this is more of a head’s up of one of my future destinations. I’ll say this though, they got quite a lot of different imported as well as local beers and a pretty long wine list. Go figure, this is a wine bar.

But why am I stealing the spotlight from Tender Greens?? Tender Greens certainly deserves more attention than this! It is very simple. And many times, simple is good. The menu is split up from Simple Salads, Big Salads, Soups, and Hot Stuff. You get to choose four different types of “Hot Stuff”: flank steak, chicken, albacore tuna, and vegetables. If you decide to get the Hot Stuff, you can have it as a sandwich on ciabatta bread, or with a side of a simple salad and some mashed potatoes. Then you got your assortment of the different salads.

I got the herb-brushed tuna with a side of simple salad which had some baby spinach, hazelnuts, and goat cheese. It’s my first time having tuna prepared this way. I’ve had tuna in tuna salads and sandwiches or raw in sushi. Never seared like this but I have to say I liked it prepared this way as well. But I’m no fish snob so I can’t really gauge quality. Eating the tuna with the salad and the potatoes was something my mouth found favorable. And all this is only $10.50. It’s good food at a good price. Considering I’m not that far from Culver City, this is definitely a place to stop by again, and also try all the other places in the area.

If you’re thinking of making reservations here, don’t. You stand in line, order your food, see them prepare the food, pay, get your tray and seat yourselves. It’s pretty fast and convenient though.

As for the three of us that showed up today, we finished off our night by going to Coldstone’s across the street. C told us it was good. D and I ended up dumping what we got and ate our waffle cones instead. Well, at least dinner was good!

Tender Greens
9523 Culver Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
Phone: 310.842.8300

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