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Usually on Saturday mornings, I have a nice Korean meal waiting for me at breakfast.  But the parents went to Mission Hills Country Club for a round of golf and to watch a little bit of the Kraft Nabisco tournament.  That created a little bit of a problem.  Where’s my breakfast???  Me cook?  Yeah, right.

The plan was to eat breakfast and then go to school to work on this essay of mine.  Something about whether or not NATO is relevant today.  I didn’t stray too far off from home for breakfast and went to Bloom Cafe.  I get on Pico and pass through what I like to call “Kosherville.”  I pass through some more streets until I see Bloom Cafe.

It was a little past 9 in the mornin’ so it wasn’t busy at all.  I look at the menu and it seems promising.  The stuff here is organic if that’s your cup of tea.  Now all this place needs to do is make the food well.  I ordered the Avocado Spring Scramble: scrambled eggs with avocado, “baby asparagus, snowpeas, cherry tomatoes, wild arugula, and guacamole.”  Wait, I don’t remember any guacamole in there.  Eh, maybe it was the avocados instead.  It came with a side of potatoes and toast.  My breakfast definitely wasn’t heavy, but it was satisfying.  Just enough.  The Spring Scramble tasted fresh, probably from the veggies.  The arugula gave it a nice flavor.  And the avocado had a bit of a citrus taste to it.  The potatoes were baked with some herbs and that was good too.

‘Twas a  nice meal at Bloom Cafe.  It’s also nice that it’s pretty close to home.  But my level of contentnesss was to soon disappear when I went to VKC Library at USC to do some research for this paper.  Damn lower division course.

Bloom Cafe
5544 Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90019
Phone: 323.934.6900

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