My Taco

As a transfer applicant, I applied to only one school.  That school being USC.  USC was where I wanted to go and that was it.  I wanted to be a Trojan for two primary reasons.  The first was that I wanted access to the alumni network; I wanted in on the Trojan Family.  The second reason was that I liked its location.  That raises brows considering that USC isn’t in the best of locations.  That doesn’t matter so much to me because I don’t live around there.  I like how USC is just so close to everything. After experiencing Trojan Football, I guess you can throw in football as a third reason. That probably tells you something about my priorities.

I liked that it’s so close to Downtown, Koreatown, not too far from Hancock Park, Los Feliz, Miracle Mile, the Fairfax District, and it’s not too far from home.  By the way, I live much closer to UCLA, and I’m not a big fan of the Westside.  Today, I went to Highland Park to go to My Taco.  I’m not familiar with the area and didn’t realize until I was driving back to USC that my uncle lives in that area, Mt. Washington.  And it’s so damn close to school, only about a 15 minute drive.  That’s only 15 minutes away from taco-capital.  Freaking awesome.

My Taco is a taqueria minus the taqueria feel.  It’s clean.  There’s an attempt at decor, it’s quite colorful in there.  They have a nice LCD TV in there.  It just doesn’t feel like a taqueria.  But the taqueria prices are still there.  I ordered the Tacos Dorados with potatoes… Man, I love hard shell tacos.

The entry on York Blvd. about the potato tacos describe them well.  It truly is “a blank palette for a good salsa.”  My Taco has a nice little salsa bar that’s clean and definitely fresh.  And man, the carrots there are great too.  I wasn’t so big on their guacamole salsa, but it definitely was thick.  The guacamole that came with my potato tacos on the other hand was to my liking.

Though the tacos dorados were deep fried, it wasn’t as heavy as I expected hard shell tacos to be.  It wasn’t drenched in oil like the hard shell tacos at Campos.  And I liked it like that.

While driving through Highland Park to get back to USC, I was being exposed to a part of Los Angeles that I’ve never really touched other than vague memories of going to my uncle’s house in Mt. Washington.  This is what I love about Los Angeles.  There is just so much to the city; the diversity, the different experiences, and the different vibes you get with the different neighborhoods you go to.  There’s so much to experience here.  Los Angeles doesn’t get old; only if you let it.

My Taco
6300 York Blvd Ste 4
Los Angeles, CA 90042
Phone: 323.256.2698

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2 Responses to My Taco

  1. sarahpak says:

    aw, i really liked the last paragraph. it sums up exactly why I fell in love with LA and why I wanna stay here.

    + did you go to umami?? if you did i want an update, pronto!

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