The Curious Palate

Curiousity ended with the name, The Curious Palate.  I was curious about what was so curious about The Curious Palate.

The Curious Palate is pretty much a sandwich and salad shop.  And some sides.  Or maybe it’s sort of like a little deli.  Whatever it is, it’s a pretty neat place.  Aside from sandwiches and salads and a few other things on the menu, they sell different cheeses, deli meats, unique sodas, homemade jams, artisan chocolates, and they serve Intelligentsia coffee for the Westsiders in between Silverlake and Venice.

I ordered the Prosciutto Panini, the Mac n’ Cheese, and some pineapple soda.  The prosciutto panini had obviously prosciutto, mozzarella cheese, roasted red peppers, and artichoke.  The panini was pressed to a perfect crisp yet soft on the inside, the melted cheese gave the sandwich a nice texture, the peppers and artichoke gave the panini a nice flavor, and the prosciutto good.  I especially liked the taste the vegetables added to the panini.  It came with a side of couscous.  The Mac n’ Cheese had four different cheeses which is too long for me to list but you can check out their menu.  The mac n’ cheese was good, but considering the amount they give and for five dollars I could get three yummy carne asada tacos and a bottle of Jarritos in the Eastside…  I know you can’t compare apples and oranges, but hey, weigh in some opportunity cost and there ya go.

Overall, I like having The Curious Palate as an option to go to if I want a good sandwich.  10-15 minute drive from my place just ain’t that bad of a drive.  But I do think it’s a tad pricey for what it is and for what you can get elsewhere.  But then again, so are the burgers at the Apple Pan but I keep going back for more.  And once again I go on comparing things that aren’t equivalent.

The Curious Palate
12034 Venice Blvd

Los Angeles
, CA 90066
Phone: 310.437.0144

The Curious Palate on Urbanspoon

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