Mariscos 4 Vientos

After seeing pictures of the Shrimp Tacos on LA Taco, I knew Mariscos 4 Vientos would soon have to be crossed off my I-seriously-need-to-go-there list. I headed east on Olympic Blvd. and learned that the street suddenly ends in the Fashion District in Downtown and mysteriously starts elsewhere.  I started looking for the truck in unfamiliar territory.  Then I ended up on an intersection where I thought the truck was supposed to be at.  Great.  But I had to use the bathroom.  So I continued back on Olympic to find a supermarket or something.  Well, several blocks down, I found the brick and mortar location of Mariscos 4 Vientos with a bathroom.  Nice.  And then I had the Shrimp Taco experience at Mariscos 4 Vientos.  That was a few weeks ago.

I’ve gone a couple of times since.  I’ve never had anything quite like these tacos before and they’re great.  You have a generous amount of shrimp with some sort of mixture that’s in tortillas and then deep fried.  It’s covered in their salsa and a generous amount of avocado.  The salsa has a refreshing taste to it, kinda different from the salsas at other taquerias where they have more of an earthly taste.

But don’t stop with the Shrimp Tacos here.  Go on and try the other things that they offer.  The Tostada with Ceviche and Shrimp is pretty good too.  There’s a nice citrus flavor and may I add that they are very generous with the amount of shrimp they pile on.  And on every table there is a bag of tostadas which, I suppose, you can take as much as you please.  The Coctel de Camaron is also great.  Again, Mariscos 4 Vientos is generous with the shrimp.  The cocktail sauce has a nice sweetness to it.  The Coctel would be awesome on a hot summer day to cool you down.

This brings me to wonder… I wonder how some dining establishments are able to offer great food with generous portions at generous prices whereas other places offer great food but with not-so-generous portions at not-so generous prices.  Eh, I guess I do have some idea why: Cost of doing business, property value, supply and demand, the cost of living, etc. etc.  Well, can’t have everything your way, right?

Something that’s pretty neat is the roving bands that play here.  Live music!  With maybe a little price attached.

Mariscos 4 Vientos
3332 E. Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90023
Phone: 323.269.3605

8 Responses to Mariscos 4 Vientos

  1. SinoSoul says:

    Good to see that you’ve started writing again since last Nov. I read your first entry eons ago and have not followed since then.

  2. little ghost says:

    wow. those fried shrimp tacos sound awesome. going to try that soon!

  3. geo says:

    @SinoSoul – Wow, well thanks for reading again!

    @ little ghost – They are awesome, but take note that you might find a need for that huge bottle of Tapatio that’s on every table.

  4. little ghost says:

    i went today! it was SO good. i’ve never had anything like those shrimp tacos before. and i can’t believe each taco was only $1.50. thanks for posting about this!

    • geo says:

      The tacos aren’t the only thing that’s good here. You should also try their tostadas and coctels!

      • little ghost says:

        i got the tostada de ensalada–creamy seafood salad of shrimp and octopus– that was so good too! big ghost is working on a post because he was pretty impressed when i took him there. definitely will include a shout out to you for the find!

  5. Noemi says:

    The original deep fried shrimp tacos receipe came from a brother of a man name “Martin”. This man is a employed at “Mariscos Jalisco”, located at: 3021 East Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles. So, if your giving credit to a resturant, that stole the receipe from the originial owner of receipe, give to the right people. P.S , “Mariscos 4 Vientos”, shrimp tacos cant be compare to “Mariscos Jalisco”. Do your reseach right!

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