In 8th grade, my uncle and aunt took me and my best friend at the time to Las Vegas so we could watch Battle Bots live! I was so excited that I was going to see this clash of metal. My personal favorite was Overkill. So I was definitely stoked to go see that. We met up at my uncle’s house on Mt. Washington. For dinner, we went over to some small little Mexican place nearby. In this small little Mexican place I had my guacamole experience. Before, I absolutely disliked guacamole and I didn’t know why. I never wanted to try it either. And I don’t know what made me decide to try it on this particular day. But I fell in love with guacamole since.

The only problem was that I was only in 8th grade and didn’t know where anything was, nor did I remember. For eight years, I’ve been having guacamole that just wasn’t as good but helpless because I had no idea where I had this excellent guacamole. Then it all came to me after my first trip to My Taco for some potato tacos. I was heading over to My Taco and some parts looked familiar, then I saw the Mt. Washington sign and realized my uncle lives here… Passed by a supermarket which looked familiar. On my way back to USC from My Taco, I saw Chico’s. Shoot!!! Small Mexican place near the supermarket at the base of a mountain. This has got to be it. This has definitely got to be it. I was getting so excited.

I went back to USC and looked up Chico’s on yelp. I saw a picture of a table and seat and started to get even more excited. But I did have a little chance for doubt still left. The only way to get to the bottom of things was to go try their guacamole.

So I did. I went and ordered the guacamole along with a chile relleno. The guac came out and I was filled with joy. This was it. This was THAT guac. And I didn’t even taste it yet at that point. What makes Chico’s guacamole different from others, aside from it’s taste, was some white crumbly stuff that’s in it. I believe it’s cotija cheese but I could be wrong. Then I ate it with their chips. Let me tell you, I was a happy man.

It really sucked to set the guacamole at Chico’s as a standard for all other guac. Only thing that came close from the guacamole I’ve had was the one at El Cholo. As gringo as that establishment may be, they have some good guacamole. But still, I couldn’t find anything that was good as this.  The guacamole at Chico’s is of the chunky kind, the avocados aren’t completely mashed.  You can’t really taste the cotija cheese as the taste of the lime, cilantro, and onions are stronger, but again, to my eyes, it’s what made it distinct.

The guac here is great and the food here isn’t bad.  I’ve been getting the tampiquena (carne asada and enchilada) here the last couple of times and it’s good.  The chile relleno isn’t bad either.  The food is good but I don’t find myself raving about it.  It’s all about the guacamole at Chico’s.  So if you’re around Highland Park and you’re looking for some good guacamole and Mexican food that’s not bad, stop by.  Or maybe you can order chips and guacamole from here and walk over a block and a half for some bomb lobster burritos at Via-Mar.

Oh yeah, and Battle Bots… I remember that I had good time but what I took away from that trip was an appreciation for guacamole. And I guess it technically wasn’t even a trip at that point because I was still in LA.

100 N Ave 50
Los Angeles, CA 90042
Phone: 323.254.2445

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2 Responses to Chico’s

  1. sophia says:

    I’m not the biggest fan of guac, actually. Please don’t stone me.
    But that guac is unlike the others indeed! Really chunky, as you said…I might actually love to try that!

  2. weezermonkey says:

    I love guacamole…but I don’t like avocados. I am a woman of paradox.

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