Pitfire Pizza Company

I frequent their location in Westwood.  I remember the first time I went to Pitfire Pizza.  I had the “Big Sur.”  It just happened to be a big disappointment and I wasn’t ready to go back.  I don’t know why but later I wanted to go back, only out of convenience.  Of course I had something else.  And I went again and again and again.  Pitfire Pizza grew on me and now I really like the place.  It’s $10 a pizza and I think the prices are pretty reasonable.  And like the name might suggest, it’s cooked in a pit.  Yummy.

I was in for a pleasant surprise today though.  After school ended, I met up with a couple of friends to go to the Pitfire Pizza location in Downtown.  We go to USC, and it’s just more practical to go there than the one in Westwood.  We met at around 5:30 and headed for Downtown.  It was just before six when we got there.  Lucky me, free street parking available at 6.  Then we walk into the spacious area of the Downtown location only to find out that Happy Hour is from 4-7pm!  That means the things on the menu are half off!  I’m not big on drinking but so are the beers on tap!  And also some of the wine too.  I got a bottled beer so the happy hour rates didn’t apply, but my total came out to just over $9.  Oh yea, this is including my Pitfire Sausage pizza.  About the Pitfire Sausage pizza, it’s gotta be my favorite.  Their mushroom pizza is next on the list.

I am so coming here again!  I don’t know if the rates apply to the other locations, I doubt it, at least I doubt the Westwood location has the Happy Hour special.  So I’m coming here right at 6 for free parking and some good cheap pizza and some beer on tap!  Imagine if you can’t find parking on the street… Well there’s a lot next door where you can pay a flat rate of $8.

Oh yeah, and it’s such a laid back environment.

Edited 4/21/09> Also recommended is the Burrata Pie!  Tomato sauce, burrata, carmelized onions, and a pile of wild arugula makes for a wonderful combination!

Pitfire Pizza Company (Downtown location)
108 W 2nd St # 108
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: 213.808.1200

Pitfire Pizza Company on Urbanspoon

6 Responses to Pitfire Pizza Company

  1. Erwin says:

    I go to the one in NoHo every now and then, not the best pizza for the price. Family style is the way to go if you’re in a group, but I guess half off for happy hour isn’t bad either.

  2. geokang says:

    Half-price is pretty darn awesome

  3. michelle says:

    cool blog,
    i’m looking for yummy yummy good and cheap like 7 bucks a meal, korean mothers cooking – do you have any suggestions? i want to eat my way through korea!! haha!!! yum, thanks!

    • geo says:

      Ah, the one downside to the Korean food in LA is that it isn’t cheap. It will be hard to find good Korean food for $7 a meal. Raise it up to $10 a meal and your options expand by quite a bit. But for good and cheap Korean food, head on over to Koreatown Plaza or Koreatown Galleria and hit the food courts. You’ll have a lot of options to choose from over there.

  4. iltian food says:

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