Park Daegam-nae (Park’s BBQ)

I love the name… Daegam.  The dictionary says it means “his excellency.”  All I know is that the title was used to address the elder statesmen of the Chosun Dynasty.  Chosun had many problems of its own but for some reason, I always find myself romanticizing that time period.  Just imagining myself in the silk garb with the traditional hat to match, walking with my hands locked behind my back.  Hey, a guy can dream can’t he?

Anyways, Park Daegam-nae is a great name literally meaning “Mr. Park’s place.”  Such a simple and great name.  The quality of the food there matches the high standard that the name might bring.  The food is excellent and so is the service.  When people ask where the best place for Galbi is in Koreatown, I direct them here.  I’ll be honest with you, I was not too crazy over galbi until I came here my junior year in high school.  I fell for it.  Mr. Park made me fall for galbi.  The unmarinated and marinated galbi are great, though for those with a more American palate, I recommend the marinated galbi.  In addition to great meats, Park’s has a great assortment of banchan and some great jjigae.

Lately, they have been skimping a bit on the quantity, but it’s still good here.  And like most Korean barbecue establishments with the exception of the all-you-can-eat places, the price for gogi is high.  But if you were to choose from all the other places in Koreatown for some good galbi, Park’s is where I think you should go.  Yes, this is taking into consideration “Chosun Galbee.”  Yes, this is taking into consideration “Soot Bull Jeep,” though I have to say, Soot Bull Jeep is pretty darn good too.  But the elder statesman when it comes to galbi in Koreatown is Mr. Park.

Park Daegam-nae (Park’s BBQ)
955 S. Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90006
Phone: 213.380.1717

Park's BBQ on Urbanspoon

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