Susina Bakery

I have never seen so many things at a bakery before. Cakes, tarts, cookies, baked goods galore. I’m all for a variety, but man, talk about variety. I feel you could be left standing there for a while just wondering what to get. There’s just so much to take in.

Good thing I called Susina Bakery ahead of time and asked them to save a Berry Blossom cake for me. Otherwise it would have taken me forever and a day to choose what I would want. And you know what, they didn’t even have half the cakes on their menu. Imagine if they did… “Cake? Cookies? Tarts? Pastries?!!”

There’s also a Starbucks next door. I don’t understand why a Starbucks would want to be next door. Starbucks is so sterile. I’d rather sit at Susina Bakery and enjoy some baked goods. Maybe Starbucks has better coffee… not that I care. I don’t drink coffee. Whatever the reason is, Starbucks is doing well enough to be there.

I don’t go goo-goo-ga-ga over cakes either. But the Berry Blossom cake was pretty good. If there’s an occasion where I need to get a cake, I wouldn’t mind coming to Susina Bakery again. The Berry Blossom is supposed to be Susina Bakery‘s most popular cake. As you guessed, it has berries in there. “Three layers of vanilla sponge cake brushed with orange liqueur; filled with white chocolate mousse and fresh berries. Decorated with crumbled meringue and white chocolate shavings.” I thought the crumbled meringue on the outside was pretty neat. It was a good cake. But I’ll stop short of that. I’ve had a better cake at everyone’s favorite cake shop, Sweet Lady Jane, but it’s expensive, and I don’t get too excited over cakes.

I guess I’m not making too fair of an assessment of Susina Bakery. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good, but it looks like I have to go there again some time to try other things!

Susina Bakery
7122 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Phone: 323.934.7900

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