Mizu 212

The only shabu-shabu experiences I’ve had were in Koreatown. And Koreans, we all know what we order, the Genghis Khan. Last week, after I urged my dad we should try Robata-Ya, he realized that there’s more to Sawtelle than the plazas with Nijiya Market and Hurry Curry.  Now he wants to try every damn establishment on that street. Last week was Robata-Ya, this week it was Mizu 212. Next week, it’s probably going to be Chabuya. The week after will probably be Hide Sushi.

Well anyway, Mizu 212 is all about being organic.  It leads me to assume everything on the menu is actually organic.  That usually means it’s going to cost a bit more.  Having only been to Korean establishments for shabu-shabu, I thought Mizu 212 would be a bit different.  Not so much, pretty much the same with the exception of everyone having their own pot rather than there being a communal pot.  Hey, they had kimchi on the menu too, but who pays for kimchi??

I got the “Vintage Natural Prime Rib-Eye”, father got the same, and mother got the “USDA Prime Rib-Eye” so we can see the difference.  The Vintage Natural Prime Rib-Eye was nice and tender.  The USDA Prime Rib-Eye wasn’t quite as tender.  If you’re paying this much to begin with, another few dollars for the better quality meat is worth it in my opinion.  Oh, they also have Wagyu here.  Now that’s too pricy.

Eating shabu shabu just feels healthy.  The meat is boiled and you have all those vegetables to eat.  It’s clean.  You dip the meat and vegetables in tasty ponzu sauce and the sesame seed sauce (I do prefer the peanut sauces but the sesame seed was pretty good too).  It’s not that bad.  Not bad at all.  But unfortunately, I’m more of the type that generally doesn’t like his meat boiled.  If it wasn’t for the sauces in shabu shabu, I would find it quite bland.  This goes for all shabu shabu, not just here.

The only real complaint I have here is the price point.  I thought maybe Japanese places would have better quality shabu shabu than Korean places.  Apparently that isn’t necessarily the case.  You can get shabu shabu for ten bucks over at Khan in Koreatown for lunch where the meat is just as tender and the portions more generous.  But if the money is worth the ambiance that Mizu 212 has, then go for it.  It’s quite a nice setup they have here.

Mizu 212
2000 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Phone: 310.478.8979

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