Café de Leche

I think I find appealing any name of an eating establishment that has the slightest thing to do with milk.  After I go on a taco crawl on York Blvd., I usually pass by a closed cafe on the corner of York Blvd. and Ave. 50.  The name was appealing and so was the interior, or at least what I could make of it from the outside at night.

After lunch at Pho 87 with a church friend, P, we checked out Café de Leche.  Parking was easy to find and the place wasn’t crowded.  A nice little spot to chat and enjoy a Saturday afternoon.

P got the “pan de guava” (pictured above) and a “Chaichata,” a mix of chai tea and some good ol’ horchata.  I got a “dulce de leche kiss” (pictured below) and an “Espresso con Horchata.”

I don’t drink coffee so I can’t say much about how great the espresso was.  But I can say the horchata kind of toned down the strength of the espresso which you can probably tell by the color of my drink.  It was a good mix though.

It seems like the Chaichata and the Espresso con Horchata were the only two horchata-infused drinks on the menu.  There’s also a selection of loose leaf teas and other coffee drinks as well.

Picture this.  Two carne asada tacos and a carnitas taco with a bottle of Jarritos from the Tacos La Estrella Truck a few blocks away on York Blvd. and Ave. 54 and an afternoon spent at Café de Leche to top it off.  Hey, I’m a content man.

Café de Leche
5000 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90042
Phone: 323.551.6828

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2 Responses to Café de Leche

  1. weezermonkey says:

    You don’t drink coffee?!

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