Echo Park Taco Run

The appeal of taco runs is that when it’s planned right, you have several stops within a very close distance to each other. What’s more, you have a variety of meats to choose from. It’d be more than just an average carne asada taco at every stop.

To my knowledge, Echo Park’s taco scene may not be as exciting as Highland Park’s, but Echo Park has its gems as well.

(This is an ongoing post)

Bellevue Ave. & Laveta Terrace

As of now, this taco stand is my favorite place to get tacos.  Usually, tacos from taco stands run at $1 a piece. Here, it’s $1.25.  But this isn’t your usual taco stand.  Though they charge a quarter more, the portions are far more generous than other stands.  They definitely give you more than your brick and mortar taquerias as well.  But aside from their portions, the tacos themselves are great.

I wouldn’t say I’m a lengua snob, but the lengua here is money.  So money.  Just watching the lengua boil makes me content.  It’s so tasty and so very tender.  My favorite lengua taco, served here, on Bellevue.  Aside from bomb lengua, they have buche which is nice and crispy, they have pretty good carne asada, some pretty good chorizo, and plenty of salsa to choose from.  My usual fix here is two lengua tacos, one buche taco, and one carne asada taco.

Wait, what’s that deep fried goodness on top of my tacos… The crispy tortilla.  Just ask for some and they’ll gladly give it to you.  Save the crispy tortilla for last to scoop up all that meat that will fall out of your tacos.  You just made yourself a tostada.  It’s great I tell ya.

They also have quesadillas here for $2.50.  The tortilla isn’t so big but they pack that sucker with so much meat and cheese.  Awesome deal.

They set up on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only at around 6pm-11pm.

Tacos Arizas on Sunset and Logan

Not too far away, you have Tacos Arizas. I’m assuming this truck, or trailer, is known for their carnitas as I’ve noticed that’s what many people order whenever I come.  So how is the carnitas here?  Tacos Arizas serves some mean carnitas.  Not as mean as Tacos La Estrella in Highland Park, but still some dang good carnitas.

But what’s my favorite taco here?  The tripas tacos.  I love me some good intestines.  Ever had some at a Korean barbecue joint?  Once I found out that intestine was a taco meat, I was game.  And Tacos Arizas is my favorite spot so far when it comes to tripas tacos.  Glorious.  So nice and crispy but not cooked so much that it’s all burned up.

Tacos Arizas seems to always be in this spot.

Salina’s Churros on Sunset and Echo Park

I’m not going to say these are the best churros I’ve had.  But hey, still good churros none-the-less.  Churros frecos?  Count me in.  8 for $3.  Oh fasho.  Ask for fresh ones, it’s worth the wait.  Finish off your Echo Park taco run with this dessert truck for one satisfying dinner.

This truck is usually here daily from 4pm-9pm.  There are times when they go over to El Sereno and park behind a Food 4 Less there.  So give them a call to see where they’re at (323-395-7925).


I was going off about how this one taco stand in Echo Park was pretty amazing. I had a bunch of people follow me only to find no stand. Fail. Then I said, wait, I know Tacos Arizas is next to the CVS on Sunset. Fail. Ok… how about Rodeo Grill. So we start walking towards Rodeo Grill and then I see Masa not so far away. I read about how they had Deep Dish pizzas. Wait! How about Masa? It was Valentine’s Day and the place was about to be packed with reservations and we had a 50 minute window to order and eat. No Deep Dish pizzas for us because they take 40 minutes to make, they said. So we had various bistro pizzas that were pretty darn good. But this post isn’t about their bistro pizzas. It’s about their Deep Dishes and I had to come another day.

So I came again some time later, with an even bigger group (awesome group, if I may add) from my church. It was better planned unlike last time. I called 40 minutes ahead and ordered 4 pies. The Deep Dish pizzas would be ready soon after we arrived.

It was glorious. I’ve never had a Deep Dish pizza before but it was something I’ve been wanting to try for a very long time. I’m assuming I’m in the minority, but the Chicago variant of pizza seemed a whole lot more appealing to me than the New York kind. I’m not too crazy about New York-style pizza. But that’s just me. But the Deep Dish, with the thick crust cooked in a pan, the ridiculous amount of toppings, the abundance of cheese, it all sounded good.

Masa was a good find. It has something that the rest of Los Angeles probably doesn’t have. Chicago-style pizza. But I’m going to have to say that the toppings weren’t as abundant as I imagined and it wasn’t as cheesy as I imagined. And I’m going to assume the pizzas in Chicago will blow me away. That makes Chicago a destination I need to get to. I want some pizza and steaks…

I feel like I’m stealing Masa’s thunder. In all honesty, I liked it. I liked it a lot actually. And it’s really something other places in this city doesn’t offer. Or at least I haven’t heard of any other places offering Deep Dish pizza. And being that flying all the way over to Chicago for a pizza is probably not reasonable every time you get a craving, Masa definitely isn’t a bad option. The servers are friendly. The prices are more than reasonable. Parking isn’t a problem. And a churro truck is a couple blocks away. Really though, Masa is an establishment in Los Angeles that’s worth frequenting.

Note: Deep Dish pizzas must be ordered 40 minutes ahead of time. And no earlier. It is a bit inconvenient that they don’t take orders earlier but hey, just don’t forget to call. Also, you can’t add toppings to the Chicago Pizzas that aren’t “Build Your Own.” They explain why but I still don’t understand. In that sense, they aren’t so accommodating. Everything else is great though.

There’s a metered lot on Lemoyne which is across the street from Masa.

1800 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Phone: 213.989.1558

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