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In 1896, a wealthy man by the name Griffith J. Griffith donated a huge plot of land to the City of Los Angeles. He wasn’t the sanest of people and he referred to himself as a Colonel. I was about to go into a little history but now I realize… this is a food blog, or at least an attempt at a food blog. So long story short, we have Griffith Park in Los Angeles today because of a generous donation by Mr. Griffith, excuse me, Colonel Griffith. An interesting place considering how urbanized this city is. It’s wilderness in the heart of a concrete jungle. Okay, maybe a bit north of the heart of Los Angeles.

I’d consider it one of the jewels in Los Angeles. You have two 18-hole golf courses and a 9-hole course, the Los Angeles Zoo, the Griffith Observatory, the Greek Theater, Pony Rides, recreation areas, trails, some more trails, and a whole list of other things that I do not know about and obviously have not taken advantage of. It’s a shame that it isn’t frequented by fellow Angelenos. We all know where and what Griffith Park is. But we just go about our daily lives living in our little bubbles and don’t even dare to explore.

So I decided to explore a little and went to Griffith Park with my mother. One of my classes got canceled and free time was all I had. I wanted to check out this ginormous chunk of land. We drove over to Griffith Park, parked the car, and wondered which trail to go up. Maybe I should get some sort of map next time. But we walked, hoped we wouldn’t get lost, and almost made it to the Griffith Observatory but decided to head back down. I was hungry and my mom insisted that it was too hot. So we walked back down the trail and made a stop at The Trails Cafe to grab something to eat.

It’s a little cafe at the end of the trails. Or at the start. Wait. It depends where you start. Ok. That’s not the point. I was hungry. I went to The Trails Cafe to eat lunch after that brief walk on the trail. It was a nice, quiet little place. Apparently they have wifi too! And they play, what I believe is hippie music. Too bad I don’t know what hippie music sounds like. It’s a modest place. Nothing fancy. You have your park tables and benches and some trees providing you with ample shade and some leaves falling down. That can be good for scenery I suppose, but I wouldn’t want leaves falling on my food. Eh, what can one leaf do, right? But anyway, the food. The food. It was okay. Just okay. Somethings are too good to be true. A nice little walk on one of the trails of Griffith Park. Almost a great view; almost because of the smog. A nice shaded area for eating and also just being away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the not-so-friendly Los Angeles traffic. But the food was ok. Not bad. But not great. I had a “Snake Dog,” an Avocado Sandwich, a slice of apple pie, and some lemonade to go with that.

There aren’t too many things on the menu. Pretty simple I must say. But it sucked that not everything on the menu is being served. I asked for a Snake Dog and “Let me check” was the answer I got. I don’t know what I would have done if they had no Snake Dogs considering almost everything else is vegan this or vegetarian that. I love meat. I can’t live without meat. Meat. I need meat. But they had a Snake Dog and all was good. The Snake Dog is a sausage on a skewer that’s wrapped in some puff pastry. It was buttery and good but it was a tad too little to fill me up. So I had an Avocado Sandwich along with that. One thing that I thought was weird was that, the thing had “soy bacon bits” in it. Soy bacon bits… what in the world is that? It was red, I did not know soy was red, and it was crunchy and had no flavor. All it did for the Avocado Sandwich was add a little crunch to it. Can’t go wrong with avocados and I didn’t mind the crunch in my sandwich. Other than the avocado and the soy bacon bits, the sandwich had cheese, mayo, a bunch of alfalfa sprouts, tomato, and served on squaw bread. The sandwich was light and good enough. It was pretty healthy I must say. Then for the apple pie. It looked amazing, to me at least, but it didn’t turn out the way it looked. I didn’t like the fact that they did not peel the damn apples. I want peeled apples in my apple pie next time, thank you. They did have other pastry selections and maybe I’ll try those next time. To give them the benefit of the doubt, it was the unpeeled apples I didn’t like, not the pie crust. So maybe they have other pies.

To sum it up, I like the place. The food was decent. It was healthy, maybe except that Snake Dog! The price isn’t something I would be complaining about. It’s a nice way to relax after walking the trails. It’s a nice way of getting away from the stress of the city. But what I do recommend is probably that you pack some lunch or some snacks, or breakfast at that. Though The Trails Cafe does have a breakfast menu which I haven’t tried so I can’t jump to conclusions on that. But I think I’m stamping my approval on the location itself, Griffith Park. There are plenty of benches there to eat at, there’s plenty of shade, and who knows, maybe The Trails Cafe has some good coffee and tea. So whether you choose to eat at The Trails Cafe or pack your own meal, come to Griffith Park and enjoy what the city is offering to Angelenos at no cost. Ok, so the revenues from taxes fund this place but you get my point. Griffith Park. Go. Now.

The Trails Cafe
2333 Fern Dell Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90068
Phone: 323.871.2102

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