Super Tortas

Let’s put yourself in my shoes.  You love tortas.  But you can’t find places that make good tortas.  And then you come across a place with a name like “Super Tortas.”  I’d bet you’d try it too.  I mean, how could you not at least give it a try.

With a name like Super Tortas, you’d better expect a damn good torta.  With a name like Super Tortas, you’d expect them to be pretty damn confident with their tortas.  Let me say this, I wasn’t disappointed.  I found this place online desperate to try tortas from places other than El Taurino (which by the way makes awesome tortas).  And if I wasn’t looking out for this place, I probably would have missed it too.  It’s on some strip mall on Alvarado and you definitely would not have been able to see it from Alvarado if you’re driving.  To spare you that trouble, it’s on Alvarado and Maryland (one street south of 3rd Street).  Parking may not be ideal, but there should be plenty of street parking all around the place.

You walk in and order at the counter.  As soon as you sit down, you probably would wait two minutes before your food comes out.  Five minutes at the most.  It’s that fast.  I ordered the Rib-eye torta.  And just as fast as it came out, I finished it.  The bread, the heavenly bread, the yummy bread that’s buttered and toasted just right, the bread that’s toasted just right and yet nice and soft inside.  The slabs of rib-eye, the tasty slabs of rib-eye.  Everything about it was perfect.  I washed it down with some horchata.  I couldn’t ask for anything more.

I want to compare the torta from El Taurino and Super Tortas sometime in the near future I hope.  Wait for it!

Super Tortas
360 S Alvarado St Ste 6
Los Angeles, CA 90057
Phone: 213.413.7953

3 Responses to Super Tortas

  1. WeezerMonkey says:

    Super Torta effing rocks. My fave is the milanesa.

  2. geo says:

    @WeezerMonkey – The milanesa was so good I almost cried

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