Hot Dog on a Stick

Okay, what is up with the parking at these malls in the Westside???  It’s as if Daedalus designed them.  Finding parking seems like an adventure in and of itself and I’m not saying it’s a pleasant adventure.  The Beverly Center is somewhat confusing but manageable.  The Century City mall is damn confusing but having gone there enough times to satisfy my Panda Express cravings, I got used to it.  It’s when I start parking in areas where I don’t usually park that I start to have trouble finding the exit.  I think the worst of them all is the parking structure at Westside Pavilion.  I have the hardest time finding ways to go to higher levels.  So frustrating!

I always wonder why they couldn’t keep the structures simple; like those of the malls in Koreatown.  And then I realized these Korean malls don’t accommodate the large crowds of these American malls.  But then I thought about the parking structures at USC and how they accommodate way more than these malls do and they’re fairly simple too.  What is it with the parking??

After finally making my way up to the roof level at Westside Pavilion, I parked and walked over to Hot Dog on a Stick.  It’s a glorified, over-priced corn dog for which I have random cravings for.  Turkey sausage on a stick dipped in that perfect corn batter and fried so it’s not too dry and not too moist.  Freaking perfect.  Have yourself some great lemonade with that and things can’t get any better than that.  Okay, there probably are better things out there but I hope you get my point.  I enjoy this stuff.  $3 a corn dog is probably ridiculous when you can get it way cheaper at Wienerschnitzel but these are so much better.  Or you can head on over to Montebello Town Center for the same corn dogs at $2.25.

And I’m sorry, not corn dog, but hot dog on a stick.  Apparently, corn dogs imply that they’re frozen, so Hot Dog on a Stick doesn’t dare call them corn dogs.  Oh yeah, and don’t forget the lemonade.

Hot Dog on a Stick
Westside Pavilion (Food Court)
10800 W Pico Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90064

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I find beauty in the free market.  I find the concept behind it a work of art.  It’s just so natural and free-flowing.  Somehow, that permeated to how I view things.  When it comes to city layouts, I like a free market approach. I prefer that over a planned approach.  It seems more lively while a planned city seems so sterile, you know, like The Cheesecake Factory.  My friend, S, an international student at USC from Korea, prefers planned cities.  I like Los Angeles, he likes Irvine.

I finally got to trying out Wurstkuche.  I wanted S to at least experience more of LA rather than limit himself to Koreatown, USC, Little Tokyo, and Beverly Hills before he graduates and goes back to Korea.  As I was driving and looking for this joint, without fail, S asks me why the area was so ghetto.  I finally find the damn place and what a surprise; not only was there abundant parking in the area but I never imagined this type of district being in Los Angeles.  Still S thought it was ghetto.

We walked in and was greeted with a bunch of sausages.  I ordered a Brat and Kielbasa and S ordered a Brat and a Hot Italian sausage.  We walk towards the back and was taken aback.  What a neat place!  S nodded in approval too.  Free market buddy; can’t get a place like this if someone plans everything; the market leads to innovation.  He chuckled.

Enough of our story and more about the sausages.  I ordered two but one would have been enough.  I did enjoy both.  As much as I love sausages, I’m nowhere near a connoisseur.  With that said, the brat was pretty good.  The kielbasa, a polish sausage, was great too.  It ain’t your store bought Hilshire Farm polish sausage that’s for sure.  You get to choose two toppings for each sausage, and I got the caramelized onions and sweet peppers.  They’re very generous with the toppings and I didn’t want it to take away the spotlight from the sausage so I scraped some off.  The Belgian, not French, fries are decent, but the dipping sauces… mm hmm hmm!  There’s a lot to choose from and we got the Curry Ketchup and the Pesto Mayo.  All you do is dip your fries in there but man, it’s good.

The wursts range from $6-$7.75 and they taste great.  I think that’s pretty reasonable.  As unenthusiastic as I may have sounded, Wurstkuche is probably a place I would like to frequent.  I played it safe today in terms of the sausages I ordered.  Now that it was good, I feel safe to move on.  I recommend that you check out their menu on their website to see the variety of sausages they have.  Actual descriptions of the wursts are on the menu on site.  And did I mention the staff is pretty friendly?  Probably not, but keep that in mind.

I love the surprises Los Angeles has to offer.

800 E 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Phone: 213.687.4444

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