Hite Kwangjang

When I think of a Korean bar, I think of a place that’s pretty loud, not so clean, dark, and decent food. The crowd is either the ktownerz or middle-aged people drinking away. But once in a while, you’re thrown with surprises… I don’t know, maybe a family-friendly Korean bar? A clean Korean bar. A bar with mild-mannered customers. A bar with freaking great fried chicken wings in the Korean way. And they have alcohol and a bunch of tv sets as well if you’re into that kind of stuff.

I’m not much of a drinking person so I don’t frequent bars. Koreatown is famous or infamous, depends on how you look at it, for it’s night life. Yet, Mr. Koreatown right here does not know this night life. Sad, very sad. But I know a bar with great chicken wings, haha.

The chicken wings are fried to perfection. The outside is so very crisp. But be careful because these wangs are hot, temperature wise that is. It’s so hot that at first you think it’s spicy. But then you realize it isn’t and once you can get over the heat, the chicken fried perfectly dressed in that sweet sauce is amazing.  In between wings, eat the potatoes that are cooked in this sauce.  I’ve had the Korean-style fried chicken wings at a couple of other places in Koreatown, but I don’t think they come close to this.  Only place that might compare is Ogamdo on La Brea but it’s been years since I’ve been there.

I’m not sure if Labbokki is considered bar food, but here it is.  This thing was spicy.  And I can’t handle spiciness so I couldn’t quite enjoy this.  I don’t like ddukbokki in general for this very reason.  Labbokki is a mix of ddukbokki and lamyun (ramyun).  Ddukbokki is a mix of rice cakes, fish cakes, and of course gochujang (red pepper paste).  Lamyun is what most folk call ramen.

But to counter the spiciness of the labbokki was the staple of Korean bar food.  The sweet potato fries.  Thin crispy little things sprinkled generously with sugar.  You can never not order this if you’re at a Korean bar.

Hite Kwangjang
3839 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Phone: 213.384.7999

Hite Kwang-Jang on Urbanspoon

2 Responses to Hite Kwangjang

  1. sophia says:

    Oh wow. Forget the hite. I don’t even drink alcohol, but I’ll go there just for that crazy sweet potato fries!! Is it the Korean kind?

    • geo says:

      Oh most definitely. The wonderful goguma. But whichever Korean bar you go to, I think you’ll find the goguma fries to be pretty much the same. I really do recommend the “Yangnyum” chicken wings here.

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