$6.99 lunch buffet. All the pizza, fried chicken, and Mojos you can eat for only $6.99. I’m not too crazy over the fried chicken at Shakey’s but their pizza and Mojos? Man oh man. Lunch buffet aside, I really like the pizza at Shakey’s. It’s nothing special really, pretty simple. I really like the crust on it as it’s nice and crisp. And do I have to go on with the mojos? Potatoes are cut along the width, not the length, and there’s this batter on there and it’s deep fried.

So I enjoy the food here to begin with. Imagine having as much as you want of it for only $6.99. What makes the buffet even better is that you can sample all the different kinds of pizzas they have, not just stick to a certain kind if you were to have ordered a whole pizza. And then all the Mojos you can handle. So they have several pies of assorted pizza, other food, fried chicken, Mojos, and a salad bar. I can’t stop mentioning how great a deal this is.

A little warning though.  I realized the importance of moderation after my lunch.  It took skipping dinner, a couple of hours of basketball at 7PM, and a can of coke afterwards at 10PM for me to feel normal.  So too much good may not be so good after all.  Whatever, for $6.99, you can eat in moderation and still walk away with a deal.  Pizza and Mojos, mmm mmm mmm!

Go find a Shakey’s near you.  And here’s what some haters have to say.

Shakey’s Pizza Parlor
6052 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Phone: 323.937.4234

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