How can you get Trojans and Bruins to sit together and get along?  Over some bomb Boodae Jjigae.  Okay, I exaggerate the nature of this rivalry.  I guess it’s not so relevant among friends.  And maybe taunting flares up when football games, basketball games, or the Olympic games are at stake.  But it ain’t too bad.  But among strangers… I don’t understand why they would choose to go to UCLA.  It’s a true puzzle to me.

So I met up with friends from my church to get some Boodae Jjigae.  In the mix there were some Bruins (H, CK, Dae), some Trojans (P, myself), a friend all the way from Valencia (Juboy), and a soon-to-be Bruin (goshjosh).  H had a serious craving for some Boodae Jjigae after reading my post on Hanilkwan.  And judging by how serious I perceived her cravings to be, I didn’t think the Boodae Jjigae at Hanilkwan would have been able to cut it.  It was a while since I’ve been to Gon-Ji-Am but I was hoping they would pull through.  I used to live near the place and would frequent it.  And they had bomb Boodae Jjigae back then.

And it’s still damn good.  Read the post on Hanilkwan to get a description of what Boodae Jjigae is.  For the seven of us, we had two orders of 3 servings of Boodae Jjigae.  They were more generous with the spam and sausage.  They had rice cakes in there.  It was a little spicier.  And to quote what H said, “boodaejjigae hit the SPOT.”  And you know the place is good if the clientele is for the most part middle-aged Korean men (“ahjushi” in Korean).

This place is hard to find.  The sign is in the picture above in the post.  It’s on Beverly and a couple blocks west of the Beverly and Western intersection.  It’s in a small strip mall and next to some small Korean club or bar that changes its name frequently.  Right now it’s called “자전거.”

Gon Ji Am
4653 Beverly Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90004
Phone: 323.469.4648

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It’s sad.  Leonidas in Los Angeles, for the most part, was limited to a little shop in Larchmont Village.  Then one day, they decided to make an aggressive move by opening up several “Leonidas Cafe” franchises in various places in Los Angeles.  It was awesome; there were two Leonidas Cafes a couple minutes from where I live, one in Century City and the other on Beverly Drive.  Blame the recession or what people may have deemed as an inferior product, but I found out late last month that BOTH locations closed down.  I was sad.  But the store on Larchmont is still around, just a simple little chocolate shop like it always was.

So what is Leonidas?  It’s a Belgian brand of chocolates.  Imported Belgian chocolate.  Legit Belgian chocolate.  I don’t go goo-goo-ga-ga over chocolates, or sweets in general, but I do prefer these over Godiva.  They’re in the similar price range and I think Leonidas is a great alternative to Godiva.  Comparisons are probably not a great way to highlight something, but that’s all I can do for now.  I’ll just trust my choco-holic mom’s word when she says that Leonidas is better than Godiva.

And they make perfect gifts.  Who doesn’t like chocolates?  Excluding me of course.

Edit 11/15/09>  This location is Leonidas no longer.  They changed some month’s back to KC Chocolatier.  It seems as if the owners are still the same.  The chocolates are still Belgian.  And business has picked up since the franchise switch.

Kim’s Chocolates (KC Chocolatier)
201 N Larchmont Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90004
Phone: 323.860.7966

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