Finding my niche

For most of my life, I pronounced “niche” like so.  But last semester, while taking the introductory class for my major, International Relations, my professor drilled into our heads that it should be pronounced like this.  Strangely, I find myself pronouncing it like he does.  And to explain why I took an intro course for my major so close to graduation is a long story.

So I want to find my neeeesh.  The reason why creating a food blog first crossed my mind was because I wanted to share with friends what I knew about Korean food in Koreatown. That was my intention.  I’m no expert, but I know it well enough for my needs.  What this has become is something different.  I’m all over the place, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  But knowing what my intentions were and seeing that I only have two posts on Korean food in Koreatown makes me want to get back on track and create my niche.

I’ve seen many many Los Angeles-based food blogs, and I have yet to come across one with a substantial amount of posts about Koreatown.  That will be my niche.

And I’m still going to go all over the place.

Hot Dog on a Stick

Okay, what is up with the parking at these malls in the Westside???  It’s as if Daedalus designed them.  Finding parking seems like an adventure in and of itself and I’m not saying it’s a pleasant adventure.  The Beverly Center is somewhat confusing but manageable.  The Century City mall is damn confusing but having gone there enough times to satisfy my Panda Express cravings, I got used to it.  It’s when I start parking in areas where I don’t usually park that I start to have trouble finding the exit.  I think the worst of them all is the parking structure at Westside Pavilion.  I have the hardest time finding ways to go to higher levels.  So frustrating!

I always wonder why they couldn’t keep the structures simple; like those of the malls in Koreatown.  And then I realized these Korean malls don’t accommodate the large crowds of these American malls.  But then I thought about the parking structures at USC and how they accommodate way more than these malls do and they’re fairly simple too.  What is it with the parking??

After finally making my way up to the roof level at Westside Pavilion, I parked and walked over to Hot Dog on a Stick.  It’s a glorified, over-priced corn dog for which I have random cravings for.  Turkey sausage on a stick dipped in that perfect corn batter and fried so it’s not too dry and not too moist.  Freaking perfect.  Have yourself some great lemonade with that and things can’t get any better than that.  Okay, there probably are better things out there but I hope you get my point.  I enjoy this stuff.  $3 a corn dog is probably ridiculous when you can get it way cheaper at Wienerschnitzel but these are so much better.  Or you can head on over to Montebello Town Center for the same corn dogs at $2.25.

And I’m sorry, not corn dog, but hot dog on a stick.  Apparently, corn dogs imply that they’re frozen, so Hot Dog on a Stick doesn’t dare call them corn dogs.  Oh yeah, and don’t forget the lemonade.

Hot Dog on a Stick
Westside Pavilion (Food Court)
10800 W Pico Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90064

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